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P L A Y E R O F T H E W E E K. 🏆 After helping to a massive OT win against COHONEL, Christian Barbieri is this week's ABL Player of the Week! More info ➡


Our 6th Form are hearing from Jonathan Toy about approaches to solving youth violence and violence against young people


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Live with our founder


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Hearing a well delivered summary by about employer engagement in school governance & how to help all students from all backgrounds. How to stay open & aware of unconscious bias? How to maintain & grow diversity? Clerk training?


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Nick Chambers CEO of outlines the amazing vision that has driven him in last 10 years since it launched at - now a social mobility bastion it brings people into schools. Quick easy and inspiring


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A vision for change - for young people shaped by each of us in our careers - get volunteering


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"The economic gender gap is moving at a snail's pace - it will take 202 years to close the gap".


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launching I am campaign.


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Nothing more inspirational - headteacher speaks about the amazing impact in Africa of


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Brilliant to hear from about how we can inspire young people to find what career and what kind of person they can be


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Robert Peston now up at the event for social & careers education in state schools How to be adaptive, resilient, imaginative - speakers in schools give world of knowledge and opportunities - how individuals can overcome profound challenges


Thank you to Miss Lewis, Mr Plummer and Mr Shabani for the support and guidance for all our Year 11s at this crucial stage in their education.


Packed lecture theatre for our Year 11 “Parent Power” Revision Workshop.


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So good to catch up with today and welcome him and all at to the community. We're really looking forward to working with you!


We work with employers to help our students understand the labour market and how to get the job they want. Can you help in


The Harris Academy St John’s Wood selcoming committee for the conference this morning.


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Some pictures from last night’s highly successful Open Evening. Don’t forget to check out our Open Mornings next Tuesday and Thursday.


Some pictures from last night’s highly successful Open Evening. Don’t forget to check out our Open Mornings next Tuesday and Thursday.


Thank you to everyone who attended our Year 6 Open Evening last night. A really strong attendance. We can’t wait to see you in September! Check our website for details of our Open Mornings next week.


Our second Parent Forum is about to start. “Keeping your child safe outside school.”

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Posted on October 7th 2019

Harris Students come together to tackle Climate Change

Harris students come together to tackle the Climate Emergency

The climate emergency is a growing global crisis that students across the Harris Federation can no longer ignore. They are working hard on making a positive change in their school communities.

On September 26th and 27th, students from across the Harris Federation of schools will gather at Harris Academy St John’s Wood to attend the Climate Emergency Conference, delivered by The Economist Educational Foundation.

Students will explore the issues around the climate emergency and the barriers to addressing it and will create exciting initiatives to help their schools go green.

The Climate Emergency Challenge

Across the two days, the students will be challenged to devise an emission reducing project to deliver over the course of the year in their individual schools. They'll work with their teachers, pitch to senior leadership and take responsibility for the process of creating change.

A shortlist of the most effective projects will be presented at an awards event in the summer term, where a winning project will be selected.

Some of the students who will be attending the conference include:

El Mowafaq, a Year 12 student from Harris Academy St. John’s Wood, who said: 

"I am worried that climate change is not at the forefront of governments' agendas all around the world. I believe we need to act appropriately and make a change now."

Mia, a Year 10 student at Harris Academy South Norwood, who said:

Climate change is a crisis that past generations have imposed upon us. We cannot let future generations suffer and must take action.”

Salman, a Year 12 student from Harris Academy South Norwood, who said:

“Within a matter of years sea levels will rise, habitats will be destroyed and countries as we know them will change. It is our duty to minimise the damage of climate change, as there is no doubt it is real and the crisis of our generation.”

Dill Anstey, Vice Principal of the Harris Federation Sixth Form, said:

“As educators we feel it is our responsibility to ensure that our children are not only taught about the impact we are having on our planet but are given the tools and support they need to help enact positive change.

It is hugely important that this programme is student-led. Following the exciting kick-off conference, we are running in partnership with ‘The Economist Educational Foundation’, our students will return to their schools as environmental ambassadors and will be supported to help bring their ideas to life.

We hope that this conference will prompt the start of a series of exciting initiates across our schools so that we become, wherever possible, more environmentally friendly.”

Sir Dan Moynihan, Chief Executive of the Harris Federation, said:

“We are looking forward to the start of the Harris Climate Emergency Challenge. We educate over 32,000 young people so we hope this will help engage and empower our students to make a tangible difference.”

Emily Evans, CEO of The Economist Educational Foundation, said:
“This is why we’re passionate about news literacy. Young people want to make their voices heard on climate change, an issue that could profoundly affect their future. We’re committed to giving them the knowledge and skills to understand the important issues of our time, and take action. Thoughtful conversations like this can have real impact, and I’m very excited to see the change projects the students go on to develop.”

For any further information please contact Tiffany Smyly, programme director, at The Economist Educational Foundation.
020 7576 8219

Notes to editors:

The Harris Federation is a not-for-profit charity with over 25 years’ experience of education in and around London. With 48 schools, Harris have built a family of Academies that, across the board, are setting standards of excellence and fulfilling high expectations.

The Economist Educational Foundation is an educational charity leading the way in news literacy for young people. It enables inspiring discussions about the news in, and between, schools.