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Looking for a school for your child in ? Or more precisely ? Please watch our short film and meet our incredible inspired young people Contact us on info for a tour


Parents! An amazing set of art workshops for your child


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Lovely to hear about the students - fantastic achievements 👏👏👏


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Also in today's Standard is Yeray. As well as playing in the jazz band and orchestra, Yeray is the Harris Fed Rubik's Cube champion! Yeray, the team are excited to welcome you in Sept and helping you fulfil your dream of becoming an astrophysicist.


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Great to have the Evening Standard this morning - a couple of lovely profiles of our students, including Jalisha. She was inspired to aim high by her mother, Lynette, who worked alongside her through lockdown while studying for her midwifery degree


Wonderful joint work of diligent teachers & conscientious students


Brilliant results covered in


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Incredibly proud of the students and staff at all our local schools, after a second unprecedentedly tough year. All good wishes for GCSE results day to St Georges Maida Vale,


V many thanks for all your support in the pandemic from all at HASJW. The joy is palpable. Pathways to 6th Form study are open and lost of busy conversations about whether to study chemistry or art!


Ms Stockdale advises this morning on next steps with students. The hard work of these students pays off and the relief of the last two years is palpable.


solidarity of teacher and student and peers as the envelopes are opened and the faith for what they hoped for is confirmed...


Proud and relieved students open their results. Families in attendance. Mr Soar advises students on how to enrol at Harris Academy St John's Wood 6th Form part of the


Delighted students get the thrill of opening those nerve-jangling envelopes: success and a pathway to the future career opens up...


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At least 32 Harris students are set to take up apprenticeships - of these, an amazing 21 include a bachelor's degree and 4 include a master's degree 📷 Adrian from who has secured an engineering apprenticeship with


Rania’s family are so very proud of her hard work Words from


Congratulations to Rania heading to to study medicine. Overjoyed when she came to school early this morning! Here talking to journalist Clementine Sagar Scott


Congratulations to Amber heading to to study medicine. 1st in her family to go to university - her resourcefulness, intelligence & humility shine ✨well done for all her work in lockdown & in library until 10 at night!


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Parents! A wonderful creative opportunity for your child in August.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Overarching Curriculum Aims of Harris

Curriculum and Purpose: the core of our collaborative intent

The overarching aim of the Harris Federation is to end the cycle of poverty and disadvantage: to improve the life chances for all students, and concomitantly the local community within which they live. All we do, we do for social mobility. We begin with the principle that all children are equal and there is, therefore, equity of entitlement to knowledge for each of our students and their families.

Therefore, the central place of knowledge within the curriculum is explicit within our academies. The inventive design of our curriculum and the high quality implementation of that curriculum are integral to what Harris do.

The purpose of all our academies is revealed by the curriculum we provide and the quality of the teaching that delivers that curriculum. The very nature of our Federation makes us collaborative and this collaboration of subject specialists and researchers means our students benefit from the very highest quality in teaching and the most powerful knowledge.

Our curriculum, then, becomes a deliberate and explicit guarantor of equality as we work to close the limits to opportunity that exist in society. We ensure all our students have access to a broad and balanced body of knowledge regardless of demographics and starting points. To this end we have worked as a collaborative Multi Academy Trust. We harness the expertise from within our academies across primary and secondary phases to develop a challenging and rich curriculum model.

The high expectations we have of each academy, principal and each teacher drive forward this mission to open up opportunities for all young people in areas of deep disadvantage. The collaborative aims of our federation mean individual academies draw on their understanding of their individual contexts to create challenging and stimulating lessons and activities as part of their individual academy curriculum.

Each subject discipline has its own curriculum document which has been developed by the academic research communities we have built. The subject specialist consultants at Harris work in tandem with subject leaders in each academy for each phase. There are high expectations of subject knowledge from teachers so alongside these documents there is a commitment to providing regular high quality subject specific training for all teachers during the year.

All Harris teachers are encouraged to be living readers and researchers into their own subject discipline. Indeed, within the context at Harris Academy St John’s Wood, each subject discipline spent 12 months with children devising their own curriculum intent and vision statements.

“What is the purpose of your subject?” was the taproot strand of a democratic shaping of the curriculum by children and subject teachers and one that works to liberate powerful knowledge for all.