Parents! A wonderful creative opportunity for your child in August.


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Exciting coalition of organisations coming together , & to lead local change. Launch of Haringey programme today with Thanks to pupils & staff


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Executive Principal talks about his own experience of youth violence growing up in London, how it now effects his pupils! How the media perpetuates the horror. But also the high expectations for pupils & how this initiative will help


How to stop a problem like youth violence & crime ? Inspiring thread from our sister school & academy in


We realise that celebrations may, once again, be slightly different, but hope this Eid at home is filled with happiness, joy & peace. From all at Harris St John’s Wood - we wish a lovely Eid as you mark this time & celebrate with family and friends.  


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If you haven't had your COVID-19 vaccine yet, you can still book an appointment. Visit today.


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Today I was a at the centre. It was a new experience: I heard 2,700 people shouting out the words "THANK YOU" & I met some extraordinary souls.


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If you haven't had your COVID-19 vaccine yet, you can still book an appointment at


We are so very proud of our student & Greenhouse player Suhayb who has secured his place on a scholarship programme at School in New York 👏🏀 Good luck Suhayb! 💫🇺🇸 we are so proud of you


These speakers shared how they had witnessed friends losing their lives to knife crime & lost others, as a result of knife crime, to lengthy prison sentences.  In all the session was focused on an anti-knife crime message, highlighting responsibility & making positive choices.


brought speakers with lived experience of knife crime to the session and they explained how they had become involved in knife crime, the effect this had on themselves, their families and their communities and ultimately how they were able to turn their lives around.


Our pupils did inspirational work with yesterday The overarching message involved students pledging not to carry a knife going forward and to consider the ripple effects of their actions and choices in the future.


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This weekend are hosting pop-up events. , & are some of the venues on the list. Anyone over 18 can come along to any centre for a 1st or 2nd vaccine. To find a venue near you:


Inspiring to see this fight back against racists & thugs & vandals


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As sad as our pupils were about the final, they were devastated to see the ugly, racist abuse that followed. ’s response is brave and dignified. He is and always will be a role model to children in this country, on and off the pitch.


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Get your second dose sooner. If you’re over 40, you can bring your appointment forward now.


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We were thrilled to deliver our Networking session to over 400 KS3 students at ! Thank you to our industry volunteers from , who inspired the students and showed how their school subjects can lay the foundations for a career in !


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what is required to achieve high inquiry and moderate guidance? Is it something bigger than teachers in the classroom?


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New Principal Sam Green speaks about the place of science in its totality in a school | “the beauty & wonder of science…and what we choose to spend time on in a school reflects the vision for diversity & where we are in this very polarised debate”.


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Science teachers have a responsibility to provide all students with access to opportunities. This means taking a long, hard look at setting and streaming.

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