Have you ever suffered from sexual abuse or harassment? There is now a new dedicated NSPCC helpline number 0800 136 663 live from today (Thursday 1 April).


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Last week issued an alert about a spike in ransomware attacks on schools. We have suffered an attack since then. Although measures were in place to protect our systems, our servers have been impacted. See for further info and a statement below.


Some wonderful, artistic reflections on the story of Romeo and Juliet from Ms Kopelman's Year 9 English group.


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Our amazing testing team have completed our mass testing, with fantastic support from Public Health Team. ✅ Over 3500 tests in 8 days ✅ All negative 👍🏻 We are now issuing home testing kits to eligible students.


After the first three in school, which show students how to test safely, students will be issued with kits to test twice per week at home.


Year 8 and 9 have returned and completed their tests today. ✅ A further 370 tests carried ✅ 1170 in total ✅ Around 89% of all students ✅ All negative Now to test 2 and 3, starting tomorrow!


So far, Years 7, 10, 11, 12 and 13 have returned to the Academy and completed their first covid test. ✅ 800 tests carried out and all negative ✅ That represents 87% of all returning pupils ✅ We can't wait to see Year 8 and 9 tomorrow


Nearly 400 (all negative) tests done this morning at ... superb team work, organisation and support. Another 170 this afternoon, and we go again tomorrow!


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So many talented cooks but there can be only 3 winners!


Full details of the return to school for pupils next week can be found here:


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Bravo students from 👏😋


Some lovely artwork produced by Annabelle in Year 11. Thank you Mrs Worthington for sharing.


Well done to Rhyonn in Ms Peynado's Year 8 Art class, who had to make his own version of Magritte's "The Son of Man".


Another incredible piece of Year 7 writing by Sarah in Ms Spiegelberger's class.


Congratulations to Jaber in Year 7, completing this speech about gender discrimination for Miss Rands in English. Great work Jaber! 👍


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Our thanks, as always to our supporters , , & and of course to all our partner schools, like the hardworking team thank you for


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Proud to work in partnership with at to offer families who really need it additional food parcels on top of their weekly voucher.


We ar looking for MFL (Spanish with French) and Mathematics teachers for maternity cover at our Academy and to support our wonderful students.

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