For this week's assembly, reflects on events surrounding the death of George Floyd in the US. We are resolute in our condemnation of racism and discrimination in all forms. Our response to this cannot and must not be tokenistic.


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On , I'd like to thank all staff at (not just teachers) for their utter professionalism and dedication at what is an exceptionally challenging time.


Latest news on our plans for phased reopening for Years 10 and 12 can be found here:


This week's assembly is on VE Day, and has been prepared by Ms Oliver.


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Exciting and unique opportunity for an inspiring Secondary Teacher of Arabic at in London


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Food parcels packaged and ready to send to our most needy pupils with thanks to our partners at


The latest letter to parents from ...


Our assembly this week comes from Mr Snell. He's asking "what did Isaac Newton do in lockdown".


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Coronavirus: Violinist Benedetti offering free online music tuition


Fantastic maths work completed at home by Tiffany in Year 8. Thanks to Ms Lay for sharing.


Our Principal, has recorded an assembly for all members of the Academy community. You can view it by clicking on the link here:


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How do you get the top jobs? Brilliant real life job help and tips for interview practice & reality by Marco Bertozzi VP for Europe | courtesy of | schools and students loving it I know


Year 8 are reading "The Walled City" by as part of home working. Bunny has prepared some fantastic research to help understand the context of the novel. Thanks for the nomination Ms Spiegelberger.


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“Curriculum content is hugely important, but it must be underpinned by emotional wellbeing – without that, not a great deal of curriculum content will be absorbed.” Stephen Trask, from our Computer Science team, looks at how virtual schooling is going at Harris


Some fantastic creative work from Nia in Year 8. Thanks to Miss Kramer for sharing.


Just round the corner from our school is the tomorrow they share one of their stunning concerts | Monday 7:30pm ~ enjoy


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Students at this week have been learning and presenting about the Incan empire. Fantastic learning and efforts. Thanks to Ms Sliti and Mr Brown for supporting this week.


As we approach the start of Ramadan, we’d like to wish all those in our Academy community who will be observing and celebrating


Ms Dawes wanted to share this fantastic artwork in their GCSE sketchbooks from Eftela and Mali - some lovely work.


Well done to Hari in Year 9 who is converting a palette from his garden shed into a planter with a little help from Mr Syed. We can't wait to see the finished version!

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