We've just released our transition video, giving our new Year 7s an idea of what it's like at our fantastic Academy.


Really beautiful artwork from Viola in Year 9. Well done. 🖼️🖌️🎨


✅All parents will be sent a handy card explaining our plans for September. ✉️This will be in the post with your child's report this week. 💻Parents have been emailed a detailed letter today. ☀️Enjoy your summer holiday and keep safe!


An opportunity has arisen for a well qualified science teacher (ideally with a Chemistry specialism) - needed as soon as possible. Fantastic young people, supportive department.


We are looking to recruit cover supervisors on a one year contract. Would suit recent graduates looking to get into teaching.


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School counsellor vacancy in our neighbourhood! Any one know of a great counsellor who would love this opportunity to work with young people?! Pls share!


We have a fantastic opportunity for someone to join us as a Full Time (38 weeks) School Counsellor from September 2020.


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Plans for September well underway. We will be sharing details with parents over the next few days via email and post. We can't wait to see our young people safely back with us at in September.


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Thank you to all our academies who shared their strategies for supporting the most vulnerable pupils during lockdown by getting them into school


New Year 7s can check this video presentation from Ms Raggett and as part of their transition process before September.


Advice for parents on home learning in Shqip. Please check if you have any questions.


Advice for parents on home learning in Arabic. Please check if you have any questions.


Advice for parents on home learning in Somali. Please check if you have any questions.


Advice for parents on home learning in English. Please check if you have any questions.


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Very excited to be welcoming staff to our FREE ‘Life after Lockdown’ taster sessions today 😀


Congratulations to Viola in year 9 for what Mr Syed describes as a "technically outstanding" sketch. Stunning work at home.


Students who have come back to this week have all had a “Welcome Back” assembly with to support them with keeping safe in the Academy.


A fantastic piece of writing completed at home by John in Year 9. Thanks to Ms Kulekci for sharing.

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Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour, enabling students to understand how they came to be the people they are, as well as the reasons behind the behaviour themselves and others display without question. The deepened understanding of the world they inhabit is exciting and can be revelationary.  However psychological research is not always sound and robust; students think critically when presented with any theory or study and learn to be able to challenge ideas using evidence. The curiosity of students is piqued due to the wide range of topics they are exposed to and all students find an area that they feel passionate about.


Through studying Psychology, students:

  • Have a firm understanding of a wide range of psychological research (theories and studies)
  • Critically analyse research  
  • Interpret and analyse data effectively
  • Use their understanding of research methods to design effective research
  • Develop their oracy skills through debate
  • Apply their understanding of psychological research to real life scenarios
  • Develop their extended writing skills
  • Use independent skills to develop their understanding

Key Stage 5 content

Research Methods: The study of the tools used to study human behaviour, an understanding of research methods lays the foundation for critically evaluating research presented throughout the course.

Social influence: The study of the way in which individuals change their behaviour to meet the demands of a social environment, this includes conforming and obeying.

Memory: The study of the structure of memory, how accurate eyewitness testimony is and explanations for forgetting.

Attachment: The study of why and how bonds develop between infants and their primary caregivers and the consequences of attachments being disrupted.

Psychopathology: The study of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), depression and phobias, including why people develop those conditions and how they are treated. What it means to be ‘abnormal’ is also discussed.

Approaches in Psychology: The different ways of explaining human behaviour including the biological, cognitive, behaviourist and psychodynamic approaches.

Biopsychology: The study of biological factors which affect human behaviour for example the impact of hormones and the structure of the brain.

Issues and debates in psychology: The study of key issues that impact psychological research such as cultural bias and debates such as the nature-nurture debate.

  • Option A: Relationships: The study of how relationships develop and break down, as well as the difference between face to face and virtual relationships.  
  • Option B: Eating behaviour: The study of eating disorders and how eating preferences develop, including both social and biological explanations.
  • Option C: Aggression: The study of why people are aggressive including both social and biological explanations.

Exam Specifications

AQA A | 7182 | A level Psychology