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🎉 Our school just celebrated Culture Day with vibrant outfits and rich traditions! 🌍🌺 Students and staff showcased their heritage through beautiful cultural attire, making it a day to remember!


Great to have the London Ambulance Service, Metropolitan Police and Fire Brigade in today delivering workshops to Year 8 on the impact of Knife Crime, Anti Social Behaviour, Fire Safety and County lines.


Our KS3 Cricket Club students are currently enjoying an incredible day at Lord's Cricket Ground, watching England vs. West Indies! Huge thanks to for this amazing experience! 🏏


🎉 Congratulations to our top 10 schools for their learners' amazing completion of Bedrock Core lessons! 🎓📚 Your dedication to implementing Bedrock is truly inspiring. Keep unlocking academic potential! 🌟


🥳 Congratulations to Bunny for winning the Avery Community Project Fund and securing £250! A big thank you to Avery Healthcare Group for supporting the community and recognising Bunny's hard work. 🤝


🎊Y12 Freshers Week has come to an end! 🎊Our prospective Sixth Form students are now ready to start a new chapter of their academic journey. Each student was gifted a tote bag with essential equipment and a subject choice reading book.📚Thanks to everyone who supported! 🎓


🎨🖌️ Our school recently held an incredible Art Exhibition featuring the amazing works of our talented students! From vibrant paintings to intricate drawings, their creativity shone brightly. ✨We’re so proud of our young artists! 👏


💬 Today, our Year 7 and 8 students enjoyed employability workshops with DELL and Johnson Matthey. Meanwhile, Year 12 students engaged in careers and university speed networking. Thank you to our guests for making this event possible! Together, we inspire future leaders! 🚀


📚 Today, our prospective sixth form students had an inspiring trip to Queen Mary University as part of our Y12 Freshers Week! A fantastic glimpse into university life and future opportunities. 🎓🌟


🎉 Congratulations Year 11 students on reaching this milestone! 🎉Enjoy your Prom night, celebrate your achievements, and make unforgettable memories! 🎓✨


A busy and scorching day today with a fantastic morning of Y10 team building🙌(thanks to !), a mock Euros tournament at KS3⚽ (Denmark 🇩🇰, aka 8D, were the champions!), and we were also proud to host an event with Principals and other leaders from across 🤝


Our Kinetic scholars along with academy coach AJ enjoyed a day out at Thorpe Park 🎢#KineticAcademy


Our latest newsletter is now available on our website, covering a busy Half Term 5!


Congratulations to our four Sixth Form students who successfully secured IGY Scholarships! 🎉Your commitment to innovation and academic excellence mirrors the pioneering spirit of the world's greatest innovators. We can't wait to see the great things you achieve! 🌟 🎓


📚 Exam Season Has Begun! 📚We want to wish all students the very best in their exams. As you continue on this journey, embrace your potential and show the world what you're capable of. We are proud of each one of you! ⭐#ExamSeason


Coding Club's using Minecraft to teach programming at the moment - excellent turnout today as they write code to create a castle


Great parent session with GamCare this evening looking at the complexities of gaming and gambling for our young people. One parent said “really appreciate you offering this session: makes it easier for us parents navigating the complexity of these matters”


Our Student Ambassadors have proudly participated in The Diana Award's Anti-bullying Programme today, demonstrating their commitment to foster a kinder, safer and more inclusive community. 🌟 A huge thank you to The Beaulieu Park School for being such great hosts!


🎉 What a fantastic Eid Celebration Event we had today! A massive thank you to everyone who joined us, creating a truly joyful atmosphere and warm community spirit. A special thanks to Unitas Communications for their generous contribution. 🌟#EidAlFitr2024


We begin our community celebrations Eid Mubarak!

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Assessment and School Reports

Assessment and School Reports

Students are assessed regularly in lessons and have two formal assessments per year 

Assessment used gives valuable information to students about their strengths and areas for development, supporting students to identify the steps required to improve their learning and progress. Teachers also utilise feedback gathered from assessments to inform their day-to-day planning, give targeted students feedback and to design and deliver both in and out of lesson strategies to help students to improve and reach their full potential. 

Parents receive two reports per year for their child, one following each formal assessment. These reports will summarise the academic and non-academic progress made. 

What grade should my child be achieving?

The minimum expected grade is complicated as it is based on the actual marks in KS2 tests (or CATs tests for pupils who did not sit KS2 tests) rather than the levels. Our target grades are based on the latest DfE tables, with the target being formulated by our expectation that pupils can achieve one grade higher than the national average. Your child's target grade reflects our expectation that they can meet or exceed at least a grade higher than the national average.

As the tests are designed to cover material that has been taught, we would expect pupils to be able to achieve their target grade at each assessment point. Therefore, maintaining their target grade in a following assessment point would demonstrate that they have made progress because they will have achieved that grade having been tested on a greater quantity of topics. Exceeding their target grade would be exceptional as it would show that they are achieving well beyond expectations.

What happens after the assessments have taken place?

After the assessments have taken place, teachers will review progress in teams and with pupils. Teachers will share the grades as well as strengths and areas to improve with pupils. We expect all pupils to take time to reflect on their progress and to ensure they take the actions needed to improve. Some of the content will need to be re-taught and we have included curriculum time to do this.

At HASJW, we have a fluid banding (setting) cycle which works in tandem with the assessment cycle. After the assessment points, departments meet and review the current ability bands pupils are in. They use the assessment data but will also discuss classwork and homework to support the Head of Department to make decisions about any banding changes.

The curriculum has been designed so that the blocks for English, Maths and Science are independent of one another. We understand that learning is not linear, and this system allows for pupils to change the band they are in 2-3 times a year and for different subjects. The aim of this is to ensure the pace of the lesson best suits their learning needs and it maximises the chances of them achieving excellent grades by the end of Year 11.   

Use of baseline data

Baseline data helps to allocate appropriate groups based upon their demographic and non-academic data which allows for a rich mix of very different personalities and characteristics within each group.

This helps to create a supportive and nurturing environment ensuring that pupils are exposed to peers who can act as role models. It supports classroom teachers to target specific pupils in order to proactively better support their needs and development.

At KS4 and KS5, students may be allocated to specific intervention sessions delivered by a subject specialist, initially using baseline data and re-evaluated after the different assessment points throughout the year. The sessions run at various different points depending on the need, such as at the end of the school day or during half term breaks.

Our assessment policy can be found at the bottom of the page.

Example of a Year 7 to 9 Report:


Upcoming Assessment Dates

Please click here to see our assessment calendar for 2023/ 2024 which shows the assessments organised within our academy. 

For external examinations (such as GCSEs and A Levels), please click here


Useful revision websites 

BBC Bitesize

Seneca Learning

Oak National Academy

Hegarty Maths

Exam boards (For Year 10 onwards)






Year 11 November Mock Examinations

Please view below for information regarding the November mock examinations for Year 11, including their timetable and an advised revision timetable for over the Half Term break.

Page Downloads

Revision graphical organisers 19th Apr 2022 Download
Revision answering questions 19th Apr 2022 Download
Revision look cover write check 19th Apr 2022 Download
Revision flashcards 19th Apr 2022 Download
HASJW Assessment Policy 2022 2023 11th Nov 2022 Download
Assessment Reporting 16th Nov 2022 Download
Assessment reporting parents LLS 28th Nov 2022 Download
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Year 11 Mock Revision Timetable October 2023 10th Oct 2023 Download
Year 11 Mock Timetable November 2023 10th Oct 2023 Download
Year 11 November Mocks Letter 2023 10th Oct 2023 Download