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Update: 📌 from 4am on 30 Nov, face coverings will be compulsory in: shops, supermarkets and other indoor settings as well as on public transport and in taxis 📌school staff and secondary students are strongly advised to wear a face covering in communal areas


Fancy seeing what our sister school offers at 6th Form?




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What is new for Monday 29th November 2021


What is new for Monday 29th November 2021


academies so many things | choristers to royalty & Mayors one of them Representing the work of and the mental health of all children the top priority


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🚨Competition Time 🚨 We have a class set (30 copies) of A Christmas Carol to giveaway to one lucky school. To enter simply LIKE & RETWEET this post and FOLLOW our page *You must work in a school to enter & the winner will be chosen at random on 26/11/21*


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Yes Reggie! You can talk us through it next week!


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The wonderful Mr Ian Rowe played The Last Post to help our children focus their remembrance reflections at 11am |


Wonderful thread from our sister school in SE London - commemorating Armistice Day with poetry & music & sacred reflections |


Today at 11am we take a moment to remember Armistice Day


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We're looking forward to the first network meeting with Hillingdon leads at 's Central and West London SLP this Friday: have you booked your ticket?’-network-6-parts


Retweetd From Science Hub @ HASJW

One week to go until our first network meeting with Hillingdon leads at 's Central and West London SLP: have you booked your ticket yet?’-network-6-parts


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We look forward to welcoming you to the first meeting of our Tri-Borough Network (Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea and Hammersmith) this afternoon: book your ticket here!


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Our Tom Gunningham is looking forward to meeting with year 11 students at Harris Academy, St John’s Wood today to share insight into his career, studies and the amazing job opportunities within engineering


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The UN climate change conference in Glasgow has begun. Education plays a vital role in raising awareness and equipping future generations with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle climate change. Find out more:


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There are little things we can all do to look after our mental wellbeing. Download your personalised Mind Plan today.


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a teaser trailer of one our big STEM events on December 1st


a teaser trailer of one our big STEM events on December 1st


just a hint of one of our forthcoming STEM events in December.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Appear the Part

We ask all our students to work to be the best Scholar, Citizen and Ambassador they can be. In all of these, first impressions count. We make this fact explicit to our students. All employers will judge your son/daughter when they meet them. We train our students to be an open-faced, confident citizen who will be eager to help.

Employers who come into our academy are asked to comment on the following check-list. You will, as a parent, want to support our academy in telling your son/daughter that this is how they need to be. Look through this list and check whether you think your son/daughter would pass this first impressions test.

Appearing the part checklist

  • Did they act sensibly when they first met the employer?
  • Was their appearance smart? Even if they are in school uniform their tie should be business like, top button done up and they shouldn’t be chewing gum!
  • Their hair should be neat and tidy and out of their face.

Body language

  • Did they make good eye contact?
  • Did they shake your hand?
  • Did they introduce themselves?
  • Did they sit comfortably? Did they fidget or pick their nails?
  • Was their voice calm?

Outside interests and achievements

  • Did they talk openly and enthusiastically about their hobbies and interests or did you have to drag the information out of them?
  • Could they identify their achievements?

Evidence of teamwork, leadership, getting on with other people

  • Were they able to give an example of being a good team player?
  • Could they identify when they had taken control of a situation?

Communication skills

  • How clearly did they speak?
  • Were their answers interesting and did they include relevant information?
  • Did they come across as a confident person when they spoke?

Overall performance

  • Could you highlight an area that the student excelled in?
  • Could you identify areas that the student could develop?