Looking forward to this morning's coffee morning for parents! A chance to speak with the Principal, have a tour and discuss setting up a ! School works best when the Academy, parent and students work together, so please join us.


Some of our Year 13 students getting ready to watch in London.


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The Government and NHS are well prepared to deal with coronavirus.


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What job does your child want to take on? | UK Careers Week approaches ...


Thank you for sharing her solo show “Hijabi matters” with our students today. 🎭


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Today I'm in at school performing my solo show The kids think I'm well famous because I've been on Thank you God! cheers


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The Government and NHS are well prepared to deal with coronavirus.


Our phone lines are now working again. Thank you for your patience over the last 48 hours.


Look what is coming ...


Congratulations to this Year 7 student who made a wonderful model as part of her English homework on “Racism and Democracy.”


Our phone lines remain down this morning. Please email the school if you need to contact the Academy urgently or let us know your child is going to be absent.


Please be aware that the school phone lines are currently not working. If you need to contact the Academy urgently, please use our email address which is: Many thanks for your patience while we resolve this issue.


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Great win today for U14 & U16 boys team who went up against Marylebone boys in a Westminster league game. U14 boys won 49-11 MVP Alyas. U16 boys won 36-31 MVP Amour. With 2 wins today should hopefully secure our spots in the playoffs


As part of students are engaging in PSHE lessons and assemblies about the history of LGBT rights. The sessions are designed to celebrate the diversity of our community and remind students of the importance of acceptance.


For students have been completing activities and assemblies to empower them to take control of their digital lives. With a focus on online identity and asking young people to consider how to keep safe online.


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Today is Safer Internet Day! Join us this to create a better internet – RT to show your support


Click here for latest advice we've sent home relating to the Coronavirus.


We have enjoyed having Dora completing her second placement with us for the last three weeks.


Some brilliant microscopy from Rezane in Year 12.

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Our Curriculum Vision and Principles

Curriculum Vision

The curriculum is at the heart of a school’s purpose and our curriculum reflects our core values, Dedication, Determination, Destiny.  At Harris Academy St John’s Wood we recognise that improving educational outcomes is the biggest way we can positively impact our students’ futures.  We take the term ‘educational’ in its most broad sense: this means more than just a set of results.  It includes a child’s intellectual development, social and emotional development, citizenship and responsibility, happiness and success.  We hope that this vision is ‘lived’ in the way teachers develop the curriculum and the way students experience it.  We want a curriculum that is effectively designed and implemented, that is true to subjects’ core content and concepts, develops a love of lifelong learning, and creates beautiful work, expertise, fascination and wonder. 

Curriculum Principles

Our curriculum is purpose enacted.  It seeks to find harmony between the four broad philosophies of what is education for: personal empowerment; cultural transmission; preparation for citizenship; and preparation for work.

Our seven whole school principles of curriculum are: 

  • Balanced – Promotes intellectual, moral, spiritual, aesthetic, creative, emotional, and physical development.
  • Rigorous – Seeks to develop intra-disciplinary habits of mind; powerful ways of thinking that are developed through sustained engagement with the discipline.
  • Coherent – Makes explicit connections and links between the different subjects and experiences.
  • Vertically Integrated – Focuses on progression by carefully sequencing knowledge; provides clarity about what ‘getting better’ at the subject means.
  • Appropriate – Matches the level of challenge to a pupil’s current level of maturity and knowledge.
  • Focused – Seeks to keep the curriculum manageable by teaching the most important knowledge; identifies the big ideas or key concepts within a subject.
  • Relevant – Seeks to connect the valued outcomes of a curriculum to the pupils being taught it; provides opportunities for pupils to make informed choices.

Our staff body has spent a great deal of time carefully considering what principles underpin our curriculum and why.  In doing so we have engaged with the thinking of many other educators, and found Principled Curriculum Design by Dylan Wiliam highly informative (you can download this document below).

How we organise our curriculum

Years 7 to 8

In Years 7 to 8, students study a broad and balanced range of subjects.  National curriculum content is carefully tracked to ensure that pupils have covered all areas of non-statutory KS4 subjects by the end of Year 8.  Longer lessons than in many other schools permit deeper learning and allow students to develop their skills.

All subjects have a curriculum plan which is appropriately sequenced ensuring gains in students' knowledge and understanding of discrete subject disciplines as they progress through the Academy.

Year 9

For the current academic year (2019-2020), students choose 2 subjects to study in greater depth in Year 9.  This has been a deliberate decision , supporting students to experience subjects at greater depth in Year 9, addressing legacy issues and effectively preparing them for GCSE study in Year 10 and 11.  These are studied in addition to the core subjects of English, maths, science, languages, humanities, PSHE and physical education.

We are currently reviewing our Year 9 offer for September 2020.

Years 10 and 11

Options are structured in such a way to allow pupils a free choice.  At the end of Year 9 students can make two subject choices in addition to the core curriculum offer of English, maths, science, languages, humanities, PSHE and physical education.  Students may choose to continue studying subjects they chose in Year 9 or they may opt for a different subject, that reflects the diversity of the GCSE curriculum.

This ensures equity of delivery, with all pupils having equal access to subjects. The options are designed to support the needs of the students at Harris Academy St John's Wood and to meet the needs of our local context. Students are offered a mixture of practical and academic subjects from all areas of the curriculum (including new subjects they will not have studied before). This model also ensures that students have access to a wide range of progression routes to the next of their education.

Years 12 to 13

Students admitted to the sixth form at Harris Academy St John's Wood have access to a wide range of Level 3 pathways, including Academic, Vocational or a mix of both.  Where students have not achieved at least a Grade 4 in English or maths, they will be supported through a rigorous programme during Year 12.  For full details of our sixth form curriculum, please visit the relevant section of our website.