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Great to see the pupils this morning - so pleased with the results!


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Did you hear about our record Alevel results yesterday?


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I will sort this with Ms Petters in exams. Can you please make sure the friend brings proof of your consent with them please


If you email then I can pick it up. Is it a friend or relative coming to pick them up?


Hi Louise, someone else is able to collect on your behalf so long as they have ID and an email/letter from yourself.


Thursday 17 August A Level Results Day A2 results from 7.45am AS results from 10.00am


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To clarify, QK is already an academy, we are joining the Harris Federation which bring both expertise & economies of scale to benefit all


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today. We're signing up another group of 30 young people. will coach them all!


And to round off...Oxford as 2016/17 Sports Day Champions - in the words of Mr Whitley 'a true team effort'! What a way to end the assembly!


Well Done Ben, the 'Job Well Done' Award for services to all things Oxford Community!


Well done to Aisha, Dreni & Ben on their DofE Bronze awards this year- 3 months of volunteering, physical & learning a new skill! Hard Work!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














Pupil Premium Review and Impact Statement

Pupil Premium Review and Impact Statement

Academic Year September 2018/August 2019



Quintin Kynaston (QK) after receiving an Ofsted judgement of Grade 4 in January 2017 became Harris Academy St John’s Wood in September 2017.  After one year the following specific challenges to the Pupil Premium (PP) students at HASJW are:


  1. Roughly 65% to 70% of pupils are Pupil Premium.  A third of each cohort approximately although the younger year groups have far less are High Attaining PP (HAPP) the most difficult group nationally to show progress.
  2. On entry in Year 7 Reading out of Reading, Writing and Maths students find the hardest and we come 21/23 for Key Stage 2 Reading scores across the Federation.  Hence the focus this year on Reading.
  3. About 80% of our total cohort are EAL with 20% of the total at the weakest grade 1 or 2.  Literacy (Reading) is the biggest challenge for PP students and EAL make it even more difficult.
  4. With a very diverse and international intake we suspect more like 80% of our pupils not 65% to 70% are PP so our funding is spread more thinly.
  5. We offered a free ICT cause for parents so they could help their children with their homework more for Years 7, 8 and 9.  Only ten parents in total would engage with the programme.  Parent engagement and hence support for homework and reading at how is poor.
  6. Many more students should have an EHCP for their SEN need but again parents do not apply or fully understand they system to truly get what is rightfully theirs.
  7. Our intake lower down the academy are more challenging, deprived and weaker academically consistent with schools that have received a grade 4 Ofsted.


    All challenges have been recognised and of course with determination and dedication we will insure they very best of destinations are reached for all our students mostly and importantly the PP pupils.


    Under QK the Progress 8 figure achieved for PP pupils was approximately -0.2 with HAPP achieving -0.5.  Summer 2018 saw a huge improvement with Progress 8 PP achieving 0.61 so nearly a whole grade improvement across the eight subjects.  At the same time HAPP Progress 8 figure was 0.26 again for 6/8 subjects a whole grade improvement.  Overall the Progress 8 figure for the academy was 0.6.  So you can see a positive none gap with Attainment being 5.3 for all pupils and 5.1 for PP pupils a very small gap.  The HA as a group achieved 0.33.  So again a very small gap of 0.07.




An excellent year and the following figures give you a better indication of this:



Progress 8

Attainment 8







English PP



English Non PP



Maths PP



Maths Non PP



EBacc PP



EBacc Non PP



Open PP



Open Non PP



HAPP English



HAPP Maths











To overcome the -0.13 in Maths we are offering GCSE statistics to top sets in Year 11 largely to improve maths grades and Further Maths GCSE to insure we achieve more 9 grades.  Out of 58 students 23 are completing both causes and 66% are PP in line with the academy’s average.


We have approximately £400,000 this year in total for the PP grant.  All interventions are tried and tested and we receive some excellent discount from the organisations.


Year 11 2018/19

Action Tutoring

Private tuition Maths and English

70% cohort x £10,000                                                                                   = £7,000


Pet X English and Maths

(Year 12/11)

5 day revision course

£11,000 x 0.66 x 0.7 x 2                                                                                 = £6,000


Science Private Tuition

50 students Saturday

One term £10,000 x 70%                                                                              = £7,000


Maths Private Tuition

50 students Tuesday and Thursday one term

£10.000 x 70% (improve grade 4 to 5’s)                                                     = £7,000


Saturday revision

Staffing costs (6 hours)

£330 x 25 Students x 70%                                                                             = £6,000


Trips activities curriculum

Based Year 11 e.g. Macbeth Production for all subjects                      =£25,000

Community Language                                                                    = £21,000

Private Tuition

E.g. Arabic, Persian

£30,000 x 0.7


Breakfast for exam

Warm-ups and refreshments

Intervention after school

£35,000 x 70%                                                                                    = £20,000


New BTech causes

E.g. Travel and Tourism and

Courses catching up in Year 11

£3,000 x 70%                                                                                      = £2,000


Pet X Maths

3 day course February and Easter                                                = £10,000

£15,000 x 70%


Total Year 11                                                                                        £110,000


Year 7 to Year 10

Future Frontiers

60 pupils work experience

Placement this year only

£12,000 x 70%                                                                                    = £8,500


Jamie’s Farm

Trips 100% PP

Therapy and counselling                                                                = £12,000


Harris Experience

(100% HAPP) cost and experience                                               = £5,000


HASJW Experience

(100% HAPP) cost and experience                                               = £5,000


Brilliant Club

Year 7 HAPP 100%                                                                            = £2,000


Steve Daniels

Self-esteem and counselling

Anger management Autumn Term

£12,000 x 0.7                                                                                      = £8,500


Grub Club

Family Health

Cooking (Year 7-9) 100% PP                                                           = £6,000


Fearless Futures

Year 7-9 all girls PP                                                                            = £8,000

Breakfast Club

£20,000 x 70% free breakfast in the morning                                            = £14,000


Extra Maths and English

Set in Year 7/8 top end (HAPP)

Maths (Simon Singh project and we receive £8,000 income)

Maths extra 16 lessons

English extra 16 lessons

£150,000 x 70%                                                                                              = £105,000


Library revision resources

£10,000 x 70%                                                                                                = £7,000


Uniform for PP students

To help with payment                                                                                 = £30,000


Trips and enrichment payments for PP students                                     = £3,000


STEP provision key 3 students (12 in total)

Internal unit. 80% PP

1 teaching assistant, Teacher every lesson

(20 lessons which is 1.25 of a teacher)

1 Leader of STEP and P/Time Director (0.2)                                              = £100,000

£20,000 + £60,000 + £40,000 + £10,000 = £130,000 x 80% PP


Rewards System

£30,000 x 70%                                                                                                = £21,000

(Vouchers attendance certificates, trips

(E.g. reward trip), new points scheme


Year 7-10 total                                                                                              £370,000


Year 11 and Year 7/10 total                                                                       £480,000



Year 7 Catch-up money. Summer 2018


This year we received approximately £36,000 catch-up money. 

One third/one quarter of 180 pupils are low attainers

So 50 x £500 = £25,000.


Due to the Reading gap already explained we fund the new

Reading Programme in Year 7 to year 10.  Using Catch-up money

Just for Year 7.  (Given over the summer before coming). 

Reading books through the year in Tutor Time.                                       £5,000


Summer school for 30 most vulnerable students one week

Staffing costs (2 teachers everyday)

£180 x 2 x 5 (teachers)                                                                                 £4,000

PSM £200 x 5                                                                                                £1,000

Teaching Assistant £200 x 5                                                                         £1,000

Resources and Refreshment costs                                                               £6,000

Consultant self-esteem                                                                                 £3,000


Lead Practitioner (new) Curriculum

Work of Year 7 curriculum

Working with Primary feeder schools (one free 0.05 x salary)                   £  3,000