Year 8 & 10 Assessments

All students in these year groups are required to revise for the tests at home, using the revision lists and resources they have been given by their class teachers, and can be found on the Academy website. They should spend at least 1 hour revising, per subject per day, to ensure they achieve the highest marks possible. A revision timetable is a useful tool for ensuring that revision is spaced out over the next three weeks, a blank copy

Revision Top Tip – mind-maps.

Students can create a mind-map to show the important information in a topic, and how ideas link together. Your child can then use this to help practice exam questions. A great idea is to colour-code the branches and use visual cues to make the mind-map memorable.

Please note these assessments will count towards their report. They must attend school otherwise their overall mark will be significantly affected. Thank you for your support in getting them focused and prepared for their assessments at home.